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Dr Anton Dudoukin

Anton Dudoukin is chairman of Courant Partners Sarl. He has been Portfolio Manager of the Courant SICAV-SIF since its inception in June 2007. He brings with him over 19 years of diversified investment and business experience, with a demonstrated record of successful high-level asset allocation opportunistically across strategies and consistent outperformance.

Before founding Courant, Mr. Dudoukin worked on investment management for over a decade, gaining dedicated experience in global macro, equities long/short and statistical arbitrage. He built a network of resources and gained an understanding of the investment spectrum that provides significant yields for his investors today.

He works closely with clients as their point of contact with the Courant AM investment committee and our fund management teams.

Pierre Alexandre Delagardelle

Pierre is a member of the board of managers of Courant Partners S.a r.l., acting as general partner of Courant SICAV-SIF.

Pierre specializes in regulatory issues related to creating, structuring and marketing investment funds and private equity structures. Pierre completed a master's degree in banking/investment funds law and a PhD in investment funds at the Universite Robert Schuman in Strasbourg and the University of Luxembourg.

Horst Koster

Horst Koster holds a risk management responsibilities of Courant Partners Sarl. Highly qualified executive manager with more than 25 years' experience in financial management , within the capital management industry and financial services. He is accredited in Luxembourg, by the CSSF, as Compliance Officer, Managing Director and Board Member and since 2009 he is Co- Managing Director for a Luxembourg-based capital management company.

Dmitry Dudukin

Dmitry Dudukin is a Director and a CFO of Courant Asset Management. He has been in trading and investment business since 1999 having a very successful investment management experience and a deep knowledge of hedge fund strategies, due diligence, compliance and operations. Mr. Dudukin is a registered director with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

Michael Grant

Michael Grant is a Director of Courant Asset Management. Michael brings with him over 22 years of investments experience in equities, real estate and alternative strategies. In 2004 he co-founded Niagara Capital Partners Ltd. Niagara Capital is a Toronto-based investment fund management firm which, through its funds, offers institutional and high-net-worth individuals investments in liquid alternative strategies incorporated into multi-strategy fund formats and managed in co-operation with Friedberg Mercantile Group Ltd. Mr. Grant is a registered director with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

Investment philosophy

At Courant we believe:

  • Alpha is a statistically significant factor in forecasting future performance;
  • A manager's long-term specialization and a strong track record are reliable predictors of future success;
  • A manager's motivation to perform is more pronounced in early and middle stages of a fund's growth towards capacity;
  • The growth of assets under management erodes performance more quickly then commonly understood;
  • A manager's transparency is mandatory for investor success.

Courant continues to focus its attention on medium size outperforming alternative funds that meet the criteria above. We are committed to the notion that the greatest value can be found in funds residing in the middle of their business life cycle that are active in niche opportunities.


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