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What we do


Our passion is to serve clients. We recognize that the key to being a good partner is our ability to remain flexible and customize programs specific to a client's needs. Our main priority is to work collaboratively with our investors to create and implement alternative fund solutions best suited to the portfolio they are seeking to achieve.

How We Serve Clients

Courant Asset Management specializes in sourcing niche opportunistic and multi-manager investments to build custom portfolios for qualified investors. We specialize in deep due diligence including regular on-site visits with medium size alternative funds active in equity and fixed income.

What is the Opportunity

In each stage of an economic cycle Courant offers investors a number of idiosyncratic opportunities positioned to generate positive returns. Investing with us provides access to a low correlation alpha-focused portfolio with high single digit target returns and the protection of diversification.


Courant was founded in 1997 as a partnership investing capital in opportunities in quantitative and discretionary strategies

In 2007 Courant launched an equity long/short fund specialized in quantitative strategies. The fund has returned 116.7 per cent since inception.

Our many years experience in managing assets has taught us to look beyond the past performance of any security or fund to concentrate on the fundamental aspects of the business proposition and the people behind it. At Courant we are constantly in search of:

  • Sound business reasoning or niche circumstances clearly explaining an opportunity;
  • A return on equity characterizing a business resilience and an ability to grow;
  • Positioning in businesses moving towards capacity saturation;
  • The high motivation and energy of founders and managers common to early stages of business development;
  • Vision, focus and integrity in the principals running the business or fund.

Since 2015 Courant has rigorously applied these principles to the management of a fund of medium size, more nimble funds as well as managed accounts. Our mission remains providing investors with capital protection and reliable returns derived from the best opportunities in the alternative space we can discover through a process that includes deep due diligence and scrupulous monitoring.


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Much of what we do is newsworthy and groundbreaking.

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