The Casino Advantage

What is it about the casino business that makes it so profitable? How does it make its money?

Casinos rely on slight skews (in their favor) of chance occurrences. In the case of roulette it is 1 in 37. But for the math to work, one essential condition must be in place - a quantity of bets large enough for the law of big numbers to bear fruit. […]

Why Equity Long/Short?

If you ever consider investing in equities, then a long/short strategy might offer you a better opportunity than a traditional long only allocation.
The chart below tracks the average returns of an index of long/short equity funds (Barclays) since 1994. […]

Healthcare Equity Fund

Successful stock picking often relates to a manger's strong focus on its sector of specialization. The accumulation of deep knowledge takes years but can be rewarded with an exceptional ability to select truly undervalued companies in the sector. The proof is in a fund's consistent outperformance of the benchmark. […]

The Real Cost Of Cash Holdings.

The long period from 2009 to 2016 was characterized by low rates of inflation. The purchasing power of an investor's savings was not significantly undermined. Since 2016 this story has changed.[…]

At first glance it can seem that owning real estate is one of the more solid and robust types of investment, capable of providing moderate income as well as exposure to broader property market growth.

In fact, an investment in real estate credit can prove to be much more resilient in times of market correction and can often outperform in the long term. Even in property market booms like we have seen in the UK, an investment in credit can provide a rate of return comparable to that of direct property investments.[…]

Simple Asset Allocation

An equity/gold portfolio dampens volatility.

"Do not commit all to one boat," states an ancient Latin proverb. As investors we are so accustomed to hearing this advice that the message can easily fade to abstraction.[…]

High and Steady Return

A history of a trade loans starts since XVll century and considered as one of the most solid type of credits. Actually the alternative funds enter this traditionally banking area. […]

Alpha Forecasting Power

The chart below demonstrates the importance of Alpha in identifying future winners within the large universe of investment funds.

Alpha is the excess return of a fund relative to the return of a suitable market index on a risk-adjusted basis. […]

Persistent Outperformance

As evidenced from the chart below, this alternative capital solution demonstrates an extreme outperformance with an incredible consistency compared to the corporate bond market. How is this possible? […]

Largest Position 2016

Global Macro Equity Fund -24.06%

In 2016 the underlying fund in the Courant SICAV-SIF portfolio with the largest allocation suffered a significant drawdown. […]

Best Performer 2016

US Financial Small Cap +48.08%

For 2016 this underlying fund was the best performer in the Courant SICAV-SIF portfolio. The manager, based in Florida, has invested exclusively in financial sector Equities for more than 18 years. […]

Hedgeweek Special Report - Exante 2012

EXANTE is a unique integrated trading and fund platform offering whose genesis grew out of a challenge faced by its five managing partners. All of them came from a trading background and shared a similar evolutionary path when working with different brokers and banks globally, developing algorithms and trading strategies. […]